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Are Rimless Toilets Worth the Money?

There are different kinds of toilets, each with unique features you can install in your home according to your preference. All of these toilets have their advantages and disadvantages you should consider before buying them. One of such toilets is the rimless toilet which, as the name suggests it doesn’t have a rim.

Do you know what is a rimless toilet, how they work and are they worth the money? Here’s a rimless toilet review. So, read on and understand more about this.


In-Depth Explanation About Rimless Toilets

As you’ve read above, a rimless toilet back to the wall does not have a rim. You might have seen such toilets or even used them without noting any uniqueness, which is normal. It’s generally hard going to the toilet to look at what’s unique in it or understanding how it works. If you want to know a rimless toilet, you need to be keen to resemble the standard toilets, especially from the outside.

The difference comes when you lift its lid and realize there’s no rim. Usually, a toilet has a rim above the bowl, which makes it hard to clean that area. However, if you have the best rimless toilet, this will not be a problem since that part that makes it hard to clean isn’t there. This makes it the best toilet as it’s got lots of advantages.

Benefits Of Having Rimless Toilets

Benefits Of Having Rimless Toilets

  • Although both the standard and the rimless toilets have the same outward appearance, they’re better than the other types as you’ll not have challenges cleaning them. This means it will improve the hygiene of this special room which is advantageous to the whole family. If you have a standard toilet, you’ll have an easy time cleaning the outer part, but it’ll be hard to do so when you reach the inside. This is because It’s not easy seeing every corner.
  • This gives room for hiding dirt and bacteria, which can cause serious infections. However, with the rimless toilets, this is impossible as the rim that could have harboured the bacteria and dirt isn’t there. When cleaning a rimless traditional toilet, you’ll be able to see any remaining dirt after washing it. If you see this, you’ll probably clean it again and ensure all the dirt and germs are gone. Doing this reduces the chances of getting an infection from bacteria or buildup limescale.
  • Another advantage of having a rimless toilet is that when you flush it, the water cleans all around the basin removing the dirt and bacteria. This is possible because most rimless toilets have a direct flush that washes the whole pan.
  • It’s also economical as it uses less water than the traditional toilets. This will help you reduce your water bills.

The Disadvantages of Rimless Toilets

Although these toilets have their good sides, they also have disadvantages that you should consider before buying or installing them. Remember, this is a relatively new product with some customers being cautious not to lose their money. However, the good thing about the rimless close coupled toilet is the positive reviews from most customers who’ve used this.

Note that the toilet uses direct flush technology, which results in heavy flushing. This might cause some water spillage. Also, those who use bleach bottles with small plastic nozzles might be disappointed as rimless toilets don’t use them.

Are The Rimless Toilets Worth Your Money?

Rimless Toilets Worth Your Money

If you’re wondering if the rimless toilets are worth investing in, here’s an explanation why you should do so;

  • Since these toilets allow you to see all the corners while cleaning, it helps you maintain high levels of hygiene either in your office or at home. A hygienic toilet means the rate of infections your family members will get using the shared facility is minimal. A low rate of infections will reduce your trips to the hospital, saving on time. Also, the cost of treating such a disease which can be recurrent if you don’t address the root cause reduces. This makes rimless toilets a worthy investment.
  • Also, since this rimless toilet uses less water than the standard ones, it is a reason to invest in them. Low water costs will reduce your expenses and make you spend less money on other bills like electricity. This applies to cases where you pump water using electricity which consumes a lot of power. With such relief, you can use the money for some worthy investments.
  • Another thing that makes this worth your money is the fact that it’s easy to clean. This enables you to stay in a clean environment all through. The direct flush technique ensures all the bacteria from another person are washed down the bowl reducing the chances of passing different infections to the other person.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it worth investing in such toilets?

Yes. If you invest in these rimless toilets, you’ll have an easy time cleaning, use less money on water bills and experience fewer infections.

Do rimless toilets spill water?

The possibility of these toilets splashing is high. This is because they don’t work like the rimmed toilets whose water flow is controlled. However, the rimless toilets have a cistern which you should set to prevent the water from splashing. If you don’t do this, the water will splash.

To avoid experiencing this problem, adjust the float in the cistern to control the amount of water entering it, especially if you don’t know the water level.

What’s the main difference between a rimless and rimmed toilet?

The main difference between these toilets is that the rimless has no rim, but the rimmed has the rim on top of the toilet bowl. This harbours dirt, germs, and bacteria, which can cause infections to those who use the toilet. So, they’re not safe for use, unlike the rimless.


If you want to have an easy time cleaning your toilet, it’s advisable to invest in rimless toilets. These toilets will also reduce the chances of getting a bacterial infection, making it safe for your health. Also, you’ll not have difficulties seeing hidden areas inside the rim that harbours dirt and germs. But most importantly, it’ll reduce your water bill giving you value for your money. Choose the best rimless toilet UK design that meets your needs and enjoys a clean toilet area.


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