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Bathroom Corner Cabinets Review & Guide in UK

Do you own a small bathroom? If yes, then you have to be very clever to make it spacious. Bathroom corner cabinets are an effective solution that provides you with ample space to store bathroom accessories but never occupies much open space. Today, we will discuss twelve top-rated corner bathroom cabinets uk that offer a lot of storage area.

Top 12 Corner Bathroom Cabinets UK 2023

CHRISTOW Tall Cabinet• Dimensions: 15 x 44 x 91 cm
• Item Weight: 15.8 Kg
• Shelves: Three
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NuieMayford Cabinet• Dimensions: 5.6 x 4 x 8.4 cm
• Item Weight: 23.8 Kg
• Material: Wood

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VASAGLE Bedside Cabinet• Dimensions : 32 x 30 x 87 cm
• weight: 8.58 kg
• Material: MDF
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VASAGLE  Corner Cabinet• Dimensions : 30 x 30 x 89 cm
• weight: 9.6 Kg
• Material: MDF
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HOMCOM Bathroom Cabinet• Dimensions : 38 x 26 x 68 cm
• weight: 4.41 Kg
• Shelves: Three
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VASAGLE Bathroom Cabinet• Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 81 cm
• Item Weight: 13.7 Kg
• Material: Wood
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Versanora Bathroom Cabinet• Dimensions: 33.7 x 38.1 x 160 cm
• Item Weight: 5 Kg
• Material: Engineered Wood
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Bath Vida Bathroom Cabinet• Dimensions: 91 x 36 x 15 cm
• Item Weight: 19.5 Kg
• Material: Engineered Wood
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Versanora Wooden Cupboard• Dimensions: 33.7 x 38.1 x 160 cm
• Item Weight: 21.1 Kg
• Material: Engineered Wood
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Homfa Bathroom Cabinet• Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 89 cm
• Item Weight: 11.8 Kg
• Material: Wood
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Bath Vida Cupboard• Dimensions: 30 x 60 x 81 cm
• Item Weight: 8 Kg
• Material: Wood
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KingSaid Tall Cabinets• Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 65 cm
• Item Weight: 9.3 Kg
• Material: Wood
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Here are the top 12 Bathroom corner cabinet reviews in the UK in 2023.

1. CHRISTOW Tall Corner Cabinet Bathroom – Tallboy

CHRISTOW Tall Bathroom

CHRISTOW Tall Bathroom Cabinet – Tallboy free standing corner bathroom cabinets is a rare mix of contemporary styling and sleek design, which eventually results in an attractive storage solution for your bathroom. It has a cupboard and multiple shelves that are useful for all your bathroom related objects. We like the fact that one shelves inside the cupboard and a couple of external ones are height adjustable.

Christow tall corner bathroom cabinet has a composite wood construction finished with white paint. Its panels are tongue and groove style with chrome handles that looks elegant with any of the washroom interiors. It provides you with ample space to store all the towels, toiletries, cleaners, and other objects.

Decorate the cabinet with some candles or a flower pot and it will be the center of your corner bathroom wall cabinets uk within a few days. The bathroom cabinet comes to you as a flat package, but its assembly is easy because of included instructions that are easy to follow. Its maintenance is also convenient because you only have to wipe the cabinet using a soft cloth.

Reasons to buy

  • Designed in Devon-shire, UK
  • Stylish storage solution for your bathroom
  • Offers ample storage space
  • Classic finish to suit any of the bathroom interiors
  • Easy to clean using a soft cloth


2. NuieMayford  Door Corner Cabinet & Basin

NuieMayford  Door Corner

High gloss white 2 door cabinet basin from Nuie lends a dazzling appearance to your bathroom. Ample of storage area and optimum convenience are the two factors why the Mayford cabinet & basin stands as of today’s second contender. Then, the cabinet has soft closing doors that offer hassle-free usage. An included basin also looks stylish and adds elegance to your bathing area.

Mayford Cabinet and Basin Slots into each other and hence they are perfect for a small corner bathroom cabinet, which needs some added storage space. The cabinet has drawers as well as a shelve that you can use accordingly. Due to such construction, it keeps your bathing area arranged and clutter-free.
Mayford fixture is supplied pre-assembled and hence you don’t have to waste time in its configuration.

Ceramic sink also has the required number of holes drilled already, so you will not need any additional tools as well. Contact a professional, if you are not confident about the assembly.

Reasons to buy

  • Offers ample storage in bathrooms where open space is low
  • Comes with a crisp white finish that mixes well with any of the interior design
  • Warranty of 5 years is included with the product


3. VASAGLE Bedside Cabinet Shelf Storage for Bathroom

VASAGLE Bedside Cabinet

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that can offer umpteen storage space and also act as a point of attraction for your washroom,

then try the Cabinet Shelf Storage by Vasagle. Its trendy shutter door and crisp white bathroom corner cabinet paint look good with any of the interior décors. Apart from elegance, the cabinet also excels in terms of durability.

Made of dual-sided lacquered MDF boards, the cabinet is long-lasting because it resists to moisture even under damp conditions. Apart from the bathroom, the cabinet is also great for your bedroom, living room, hallway, and any area where you need some extra storage space.

Built with a drawer and storage cabinet at its bottom, the structure instantly expands your storage areas wherever required. You can store various items inside the cabinet and due to its reasonable height, any of the family members can easily access those objects.

Reasons to buy

  • Long-lasting built that prevents mildew
  • White paint is smooth and remains the same for a long time
  • Assembling is easy due to detailed instructions
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent customer support team


4. VASAGLE  Corner Cabinet Storage for Bathroom

VASAGLE  Corner Cabinet

Made of moisture-resistant MDF, the Vasagle BBC42WT is finished with white bathroom corner cabinet paint that not only looks elegant but also protects the structure from the mold. It has two drawers that offer sufficient storage space for all your bathroom related products. Then, it has an open compartment that you use to store daily use items.

You will like the fact that the BBC42WT free standing corner bathroom cabinets has adjustable shelves that helps you to personalize your storage space. It comes with detailed installation instruction that includes pictures as well.

So, you can easily follow the given guidelines to configure this bathroom furniture. The cabinet storage comes with tilt protection, so its bathroom corner wall cabinets mountable as well. Vasagle corner cabinet uk indeed gives you more than sufficient storage area. Still, it’s amazing to see that it doesn’t occupy much open space.

With a width, height, and depth of 30, 89, and 30 inches respectively, it gives you maximum utilization without taking much bathroom surface. Moreover, it’s easy to clean. You only need a damp cloth to wipe the cabinet and it will maintain the new-like shine for long.

Reasons to buy

  • Suitable for small bathrooms where you need some added storage
  • White finish that instantly brightens up your bathroom
  • Adjustable shelves that can be removed if required


5. HOMCOM Bathroom Corner Cabinet Wall Mounted Mirror Storage

HOMCOM Wall Mounted

Homcom Corner Bathroom Wall Cabinet is a space-saving solution that consists of multiple bathroom corner cabinet with mirror storage levels inside a solid and stylish frame. If you want an elegant yet affordable addition for your bathroom, then this wall mountable corner cabinet might be a suitable choice.

Manufactured with high-grade stainless steel, the cabinet has a frameless mirror that adds to its functionality.

Once you open the mirrored glass door, you will see three easy to access shelves. All these shelves are fixed and there is a hidden magnetic catch to keep the door closed.

All the fittings and related hardware are included with the cabinet. Moreover, it is delivered fully assembled. Hence you can try it without any trouble by following installation instructions and assembly procedure.

Reasons to buy

  • Manufactured with high quality and durable steel, the cabinet is built to last
  • Comes with a mirrored glass door that makes it multifunctional in your bathroom
  • Three internal shelves that are sufficient to most of the bathroom-related accessories
  • Maximum weight capacity of 10 kg, which is enough for household objects


6. VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

VASAGLE Bathroom Cabinet

Good news for small bathroom floor cabinet and their owners; this Bathroom Corner Floor Cabinet from Vasagle is a perfect choice to organize all the bath essentials in a tiny bathing area.

Due to its simple yet elegant appearance, the bathroom corner storage cabinet fits with any of the bathroom interiors. Not only your washroom, but it’s also great for your living room or sleeping area.

The bathroom floor storage cabinets solution comes with 4 shelves that can hold almost everything that you need in daily washing and bathing activities. There are many cleaning accessories in a bathroom that you don’t want everyone to see.

It’s the reason why we recommend this floor cabinet that hides everything inside its drawer doors. Hence, the cabinet also helps you to keep your house neat and tidy.

Made of engineered wood, the cabinet is stable and long-lasting. Varnish coating on this structure makes it appealing as well as super smooth. It’s the reason why It might also work as a decorative cum storage structure in your living room.

Reasons to buy

  • The curved out grip on the shelves is user friendly and trendy
  • Lacquered surface for a smooth feel
  • Dirt and dustproof to maintain new like shine for long


7. Versanora Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Versanora Bathroom Cabinet

The Versanora Bathroom Floor Cabinet offers added storage to a small bathroom floor cabinet and at the same time makes it look elegant as well as stylish. The cabinet has crown molded top that looks luxurious and its spotless white finish adds beauty to any of the bathroom interiors.

This bathroom floor storage cabinets has four spacious shelves that hide all the clutter and helps you keep the showering area clean.

Versanora corner bathroom storage solution comes with an arch themed base and shaker legs that are decorative, functional, and durable. The structure is made of MDF and hence, its maintenance is easy.

Moreover, it’s a piece of perfect furniture that you can use in any of the living spaces.
This cabinet has oval-shaped door pulls that are made of zinc and finished with chrome. The combination of white and chrome looks standard with any living space.

It also includes Anti-tipping hardware for additional safety. If you need a bathroom addition that can offer ample corner bathroom storage space and promise to keep all the items safe, then this recommendation deserves your attention.

Reasons to buy

  • Simple to use and classic appearance
  • Long-lasting built and easy to maintain
  • Luxurious crown molding top and stylish shaker legs add elegance


8. Bath Vida Priano Bathroom Cabinet Storage

Bath Vida Priano Cabinet

The Bath Vida Tall Bathroom Corner Cabinet furniture looks stunning due to its modern and stylish design. It has the elegance that you can expect from any other cabinet storage from the Priano series.

You can leave it to stand alone on the ground and if required, the cabinet is also wall mountable. This cabinet has two cupboards and an open compartment in the middle, which is sufficient for a small family.

Priano cabinet is a space-saving storage solution that keeps your washroom arranged and organized. The tall wall mounted corner bathroom cabinet has smooth grooves over both the doors and chrome finished knobs look beautiful with its white color.

Due to such an elegant design, the cabinet complements any of the bathroom design.
Made of engineered wood, the cabinet has a reasonable height of 170 cm, so any of the adults can easily use it. Cleaning the structure is easy, you only need a damp cloth to wipe it out.

Reasons to buy

  • A stylish cabinet that offers ample of storage space
  • The white finish looks elegant with any of the bathroom décors
  • Long-lasting and easy to maintain


9. Versanora Free Standing Wooden Cupboard

Versanora Wooden Cupboard

Are you looking for some extra storage in your washroom? Try this Versanora Free-Standing Wooden Cupboard that’s available in a dark brown finish and has a luxurious crown molded top.

The tall floor standing corner bathroom cabinet has attractive louvered doors that hide all the clutter and keeps your toilet or washroom neat.

You will find four shelves inside the doors and there is an additional shelve that’s the base of this cabinet. As you can understand, the wooden corner bathroom cabinet cupboard has ample storage for all your washroom related items.

It’s shaker and arched legs are durable and look elegant with other bathroom items.
Don’t forget that the product is derived using high quality and durable MDF. So, the wooden corner cabinet bathroom cupboard is durable and stays at your service for long.

Its door pulls are made of zinc and then finished with chrome, which looks great with the dark brown color. Such a brilliant adds elegance to any of the bathroom interiors.

Reasons to buy

  • Durable built that’s easy to maintain as well
  • A stylish cabinet that’s nothing less than an eye candy
  • Four shelves for ample of storage space


10. Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet Freestanding Storage Cabinet

Homfa Bathroom Cabinet

The Bathroom Floor Cabinet by Homfa is available with two deep drawers and a shelf. You will like the fact that both the shelves are adjustable as well as removable.

The open shelf is useful for a small flower pot or any other home décor item. Overall, the bathroom corner cabinet floor offers more than enough storage space for bathroom essentials.

The storage structure is stable, sturdy, and maintains its shape for a long time. Moreover, it comes with detailed assembly instructions, which becomes helpful if you are a beginner. Apart from the washroom, you can also use the storage cabinet in the bedroom.

The cabinet has groove drawer pulls that look modern plus makes it easy for you to pull or push. Both the drawers are deep enough to accommodate hand or bath towels.

You can use the open shelf to store a guest towel. Attractive deodorants or skincare products can get someplace here as well.

Reasons to buy

  • Durable built
  • Easy to assemble
  • User-friendly and modern groove drawer pulls
  • Deep and spacious shelves to accommodate all types of items
  • Additional open shelf for decorations or flower
  • Multipurpose furniture that you can use in bathroom, living room or bedroom


11. Bath Vida Bathroom Cupboard

Bath Vida Cupboard

The classy bathroom cupboard by Bath Vida is manufactured using durable MDF and comes with a beautiful white finish. The floor standing corner bathroom cabinet comes with four drawers and one cupboard that provides you with plenty of storage space.

Due to its modern stylish, the cupboard easily fits with all the bathroom interior becomes the center of attraction in no time.

Bath Vida Bathroom Cupboard panels with tongue and groove effects that look elegant. Hence, it enhances the style of your living room or sleeping area. You read it right, the bathroom corner cabinet freestanding can also be used in many other areas apart from a washroom.

No matter wherever you place it, the cupboard is easy to maintain. All you need a dry cloth to wipe the structure and it will not ask for any other maintenance steps.

Due to a decent height of 81 cm, the cupboard is accessible by all your family members. Its width is 60 cm and has a depth of 30 cm.

As you can understand, the wooden structure offers ample of space. Still does not occupy much open space in your bathroom or any other area.

Reasons to buy

  • Durable product with stylish appearance
  • Stylish cut-out design handles on its shelves
  • Suitable for all the interior décor


12. KingSaid Tall Wooden Bedside Cabinets

KingSaid Tall Wooden Cabinets

Today’s last recommendation by KingSaid is suitable for bedrooms, but we thought to include this item because of its ability to provide you with a perfect storage solution.

Apart from the corner cabinet for bedroom, you can also use these Wooden Bedside Cabinets nearby the bathroom entry. These bedside cum bathroom cabinets corner are spacious and at the same time, they are very attractive and hence looks appealing in any of the interior design.

With four drawers in each corner cabinet bathroom, the pair of cabinets might be useful if you own a narrow sleeping space or a corner cabinet for bedroom where built-in shelves are low in numbers.

The space provided by the KingSaid cabinets is sufficient to hide all the clutter to keep your bathroom cabinets corner or bedroom tidy and clean.

Made of Paulownia Wood and MDF, the corner cabinet bathroom is sturdy and long-lasting. It’s available in three different shades including blue, white, and grey.

So, you can choose one of them depending upon your preferences and the design of a bedroom or bathroom.

Reasons to buy

  • Arrives fully assembled and hence you don’t have to put any hard work
  • Made of durable wooden materials
  • Easy to clean using a soft cloth


Buying Guide of Bathroom Corner Cabinet in the UK

A small corner bathroom cabinet does not offer much space and it’s the reason a storage cabinet is necessary. An organized bathroom assists you well, especially when you are in a hurry.

So, you must choose a suitable model for your bathing area, so that it can make things pleasant for you.

Dimensions or size: The size of a bathroom corner units shelves is the first factor to consider. Browse through Amazon and you will find countless models with a variety of dimensions. So, know the size of your bathroom, check the available space, and find a cabinet accordingly.

Built material: Durability of a bathroom corner cabinet storage is another important factor to check because such structures are generally placed in a wet and humid environment. Choose a model that lasts for long even in such harsh living conditions.

Some of the most long-lasting built materials include wood, MDF, and metal. Go for a wooden cabinet, if your bathroom has favorable conditions. Metal cabinets are suitable for the bathroom where the conditions are brutal.

Aesthetics: You might not remember to add a bathroom corner wall cabinets while modifying your bathroom. Once the remodeling is finished, you realize that a storage drawer was worth your attention.

So, you should choose a bathroom corner cabinet uk that matches the existing objects in your bathroom. Choose something that matches or compliments your sink or shower system.

Required storage: Check the items or objects that you use in the bathroom. You will know how much added storage space you need. Add 25 percent more to the required space, just to be safe. Once you have a list of all the items, you can easily select a bathroom corner cabinet according to the requirements.

Budget: The corner cabinets for bathroom are available with a variety of price tags. The price depends upon the built quality, storage space, and features. Choose a model that has high-quality construction, required storage space, and is available at a reasonable price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good bathroom corner cabinets UK?

A wooden structure that offers the required storage space and helps you to keep an area well arranged, neat, and tidy.Some of the best CHRISTOW corner tallboy bathroom cabinet, NuieMayford and VASAGLE BBC42WT.

Is it safe to install a lighted bathroom corner cabinet mirror in my bathroom?

Lighten corner cabinets for bathroom look stylish and fancy in any of the bathrooms. So, it adds style and some more functionality to your bathroom. However, such a fixture seeks bigger space in comparison to other cabinets. So, you can install a lighted corner bathroom cabinet mirror in the bathroom only if it has the required open space available.


The above-mentioned bathroom corner cabinets uk are some of the best available models that you can purchase in the UK. All of them has a space-saving built but offers ample of storage space.

If you want a neat, tidy and clutter free bathroom, then try one of the above-mentioned cabinets.


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