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Best Toilet Seat Fittings UK 2023

Are you looking for a new toilet pan or seat? No need to worry because we are here with some expert’s recommendations and buying guide that will help you to purchase one of the best toilet seat fittings. Whether you need something with antibacterial properties, quick release or soft close function, we got you covered. Let’s roll.

13 Top Fix Toilet Seat Fittings UK 2023

Vovo Stylement• Built materials: Stainless steel
• Weight capacity: 163 kg
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Celino All In One• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 165 kg
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Kohler seat• Built materials: Plastic
• Weight capacity: 160 kg
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RAK Series• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 170 kg
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Vitra Seat• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 200 kg
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Milano Ballam• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 175 kg
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Affine• Built materials: China
• Weight capacity: 160 kg
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Sorrento Bathroom• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 160 kg
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Royal Bathrooms• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 175 kg
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Pinara All In One• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 180 kg
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Sorrento• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 175 kg
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Sorrento Tornado• Built materials: Ceramic
• Weight capacity: 180 kg
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R FLORY• Built materials: ABS
• Weight capacity: 200 kg
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Here are the Top 13 Fix Toilet Seat Fittings Reviews UK – 2023

1. Vovo Stylement Electronic Bidet Seat

Vovo Electronic Bidet Seat

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Stainless steel, PP
  • Maximum weight capacity: 163 kg

Stylement VB-4100SR is a high-quality electronic bidet seat that is built to offer convenience and long-lasting comfort. Its primary attraction is a 3 in 1 full stainless steel nozzle that has three different settings; posterior, feminine and turbo wash. Plus, you can use these spray modes in five different pressure and movements. The toilet seat comes with an inbuilt heater that you can control using an included remote control.

The heater has three different temperature settings that keep you comfortable, especially in the winters. Then, there is a LED light that’s useful when you want to use the washroom at night. Auto deodorization is another impressive feature of this stylish bidet seat. It automatically removes all the unwanted odour from the bowl and keeps your bathroom fresh. The bidet seat also has a warm dryer with three different temperature settings.

VB-4100SR has an energy save mode that you can activate simply by pressing the stop button on its side panel. Moreover, it helps you to eliminate the usage of toilet paper. Means, it might be a perfect investment if you care for the environment.

Reasons to buy

  • Turbo wash to relieve constipation
  • Self-cleaning nozzle for better hygiene
  • Easy to install
  • Slow closing lid
  • Energy save mode for eco-friendly usage


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2. Celino All In One Combined Bidet Toilet

Celino All In One

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Ceramic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 165 kg

If you want to upgrade or replace the toilet in your bathroom, then Celino All In One might be the right choice. Built of high-quality ceramic, it has a stylish appearance that mixes well with any of the bathroom interiors. Plus, the bidet toilet offers reliability, durability and adds luxury to your bathroom without taking a big amount from your bank account.

Celino all in one toilet has a dual flushing mechanism that saves water instead of wasting it. Moreover, the fixture comes with a soft close mechanism that prevents any slamming on its bowl. This feature adds another layer of longevity, by keeping the bowl safe from daily wear and tear.

Overall, this bidet toilet is one of the best that you can purchase at this price tag. Its D-shape bowl is unique and adds a pinch of elegance to your bathroom. Above all, it reduces the usage of paper in the washroom, which means the unit is eco-friendly as well. If you are looking for a stylish, affordable, toilet seat that conserves water, then this fixture will not disappoint.

Reasons to buy

  • Longlasting ceramic built
  • A dual-flush mechanism for easy usage
  • Water conservation is its primary responsibility
  • Slow closing lid
  • Available at a reasonable price


3. Kohler Biscuit Puretide Manual Cleansing Round Toilet seat

Kohler Round Toilet seat

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Plastic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 160 kg

Kohler K-76923-96 raises the hygiene level of your bathroom with its self-rinsing wash, which cleans itself after each use. This toilet seat has a turning lever that adjusts the water pressure and also allows you to change the spray mode between posterior or anterior cleaning. Moreover, it does not use electricity or battery, which is a benefit if you don’t have a power outlet in the bathroom.

The Puretide manual seat is constructed with long-lasting plastic. It has a round front, which is compatible with most of the round front toilets. Then, the toilet seat has a quiet-close mechanism that prevents any slamming and noise.

Kohler soft close toilet seat has quick-release hinges that are helpful when you want to clean the toilet seat. The toilet seat fittings top fix has grip-tight bumpers that keep prevents any movement and keeps it stable. Plus, the Biscuit Puretide connects with the main water supply within a few minutes.

Reasons to buy

  • Can be added to existing toilet
  • Saves our earth by preventing usage of toilet paper
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Soft-close lid for noiseless usage


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4. RAK Series 600 White Close Coupled WC Modern Toilet

RAK Series Modern Toilet

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Ceramic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 170 kg

Manufactured by Rak Ceramics, Series 600 is a minimalistic toilet that has a long-lasting design and stylish appearance. The modern toilet pan comes with the advanced rimless technology that’s hygienic and easy to clean. A close-coupled design makes it a complete solution for your bathroom. The series 600 toilet makes no sound while flushing the water.

Plus, it’s a water-conserving unit. So, you will also save on utility bills after investing on this model. You will be glad to know that the WC modern bathroom fixture is easy to assemble. Once ready, you will see that the unit’s square shape and white appearance not only mixes well with your bathroom but also makes it more stylish.

Reasons to buy

  • Easy to install and maintaine
  • Hygienic due to unique rimless technology
  • Water-saving product
  • Available at a reasonable price


5. Vitra Option Nest Vitraflush Rimless with Bidet Function – Shower Toilet

Vitra Shower Toilet

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Ceramic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 kg

Vitraflush is a rimless shower toilet, which means it leaves no space for hidden dirt accumulations. The bathroom fixture comes with an integrated flush that you can use with a lever fitted at its right. Then, there is a soft close seat that prevents any slamming or noise. The Vitra toilet pan has sound insulation, so you can use it even in the night without disturbing anyone. This fixture has standard connections, which it’s compatible with any of the pre-wall installation settings.

What’s more? There are no screws involved in its installation. The unit comes with a Fischer mounting kit that helps you to easily wall-mount its bowl. If you like soft closetoilet seat fittings, then Vitraflush is one of the best models to try. It’s a complete package that looks good in any of the modern bathrooms. The bathroom fixture has a white shade that appears elegant. However, its price is comparatively higher, but so is the built quality and appearance.

Reasons to buy

  • Integrated flush
  • Rimless bowl for better hygiene
  • Installation is standard and less-time taking
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft-close seat
  • Noiseless operation


6. Milano Ballam – White Ceramic Modern Close Coupled Bathroom Toilet Pan

Milano Ballam Toilet Pan

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Ceramic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 175 kg

Milano Ballam is a stylish close coupled toilet pan that makes your bathroom stylish than ever. Its white shade suits any of the decors. Plus, the curved lines add elegance to your washroom. Then, there is a stylish chrome flush that makes the unit more attractive. Do you know the best feature of this toilet pan? It comes with a water-saving dual flush cistern that allows you to use separate amounts of water for a short and long call. Such a mechanism saves big on utility bills.

The close-coupled unit has a long-lasting ceramic construction that lasts for a lifetime. Plus, there is a hard-wearing white glaze that keeps the unit shining for a long time. Above all, the pan comes with 20 years of guarantee, which means the manufacturers are very confident about its durability and strength.

Reasons to buy

  • Durable ceramic construction
  • EN14055 certification to guarantee quality and longevity
  • Includes a pan fixing kit to facilitate easy installation
  • A dual flush cistern that saves water and electricity bills


7. Affine Close Coupled Bathroom Toilet

Affine Close Coupled Toilet

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Vitreous china
  • Maximum weight capacity: 160 kg

If you want benefits of a dual flush cistern to conserves water and reduces utility bills, then take a closer look at the Affine Bathroom Toilet. Its dual chrome push buttons consume less water and hence shows positive impacts on your electricity and water bills. Apart from that, it comes with soft close top fix toilet seat fittings. So that you can use the bathroom in the middle of the night without scaring anyone.

We use toilets pans for something that isn’t very attractive, but that does not mean that these fixtures itself cannot be stylish. Affine close coupled bathroom toilet is a sleek model that is ideal for both modern as well as traditional bathrooms. It has a space-saving oval shape that’s perfect for small bathrooms.

Due to a durable citreous china construction, the toilet pan is strong and long-lasting. Plus, its surface is stain and scratch-resistant. So, it will stay like new for many more years to come.

Reasons to buy

  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Easy to clean and maintain hygiene
  • Space-saving design
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price tag


8. Sorrento Bathroom Close Coupled Toilet Back to Wall

Sorrento Bathroom Back to Wall Toilet

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Vitreous china, ceramic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 160 kg

If you face any confusion while finding the right toilet for your bathroom, then take a closer look at the Sorrento Bathroom Back to Wall Fixture because you cannot go wrong with this one. Due to vitreous china and ceramic construction, the close coupled toilet is long-lasting and stays at assistance for long.
The toilet pan has an elegant gloss glaze finish the suits well with modern as well as traditional

bathrooms. It has dual flush that you can operate using chrome finished push buttons. Apart from that, the unit has a soft close seat cover that keeps its bowl free from daily wear and tear. The dual flush mechanism deserves special mention because it gives you the option to use either 3 or 4.5 litres of water. A warranty of 15 years adds peace to your mind.

However, be assured that the product can last longer with proper maintenance. The product is CE certified, which means you can trust its quality. Overall, the Sorrento toilet is suitable if you want to upgrade a compact bathroom.

Reasons to buy

  • Long-lasting built and elegant finish
  • Space-saving dimensions, suitable for cloakroom
  • Soft-close cover


9. Royal Bathrooms Cube White Close Coupled Rimless Toilet

Royal Bathrooms Rimless Toilet

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Ceramic, vitreous china
  • Maximum weight capacity: 175 kg

Royal Bathrooms is a reputed for offering high standard bathroom fixtures and this Cube close coupled toilet belongs to the same lot. Its smooth white finish looks stylish in both traditional and modern bathrooms. Moreover, this model is rimless, which means the flush cleans its entire bowl. The close-coupled toilet has graceful lines and smooth curves that suit any of the bathroom settings.

Made of long-lasting ceramic, the fixture is strong and easy to clean. It comes with a dual flush cistern that gives you the option to use either 3 or 4.5 litres of water to use. This model comes with a soft close seat the makes minimal noise. Plus, it also keeps the bowl safe from daily wear and tears. This seat has a quick-release function, which is useful when you want to clean the toilet pan.

Perfect for residential as well as commercial usage, this unit comes with a guarantee of 5 years. Its CE Approved, which means you can trust its built quality. This product also includes toilet seat fittings and floor fixing kit for easy installation.

Reasons to buy

  • Easy installation process
  • High gloss white finish for an elegant appearance
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy due to rimless technology


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10. Pinara All In One Combined Bidet Toilet

Pinara All In One

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Ceramic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 180 kg

If you own a small bathroom, then Pinara All In One Combined Bidet Toilet deserves might be a suitable purchase. The unit combines toilet pan and bidet. So, you can try this model for a cloakroom or compact washrooms. This bidet toilet is easy to install, so it’s one of the best options to try if you are looking for replacement toilet seat fittings.

All thanks to an open back, you can install the Pinara all in one to upgrade any of the existing toilets; regardless of the position. Constructed with fully glazed ceramic, the bidet toilet has a high gloss white finish that suits any of the bathroom décors. Its curved edges and slim lines add a classical touch to your washroom.

The bidet toilet comes with a soft close seat the works without making much noise and keeps the bowl safe from daily slamming. The product comes with 15 years of guarantee, which is beneficial in case you find any defects or face any initial troubles while using it.

Reasons to buy

  • High-quality construction for long-lasting services
  • Prevents genital illness
  • Decent coverage from the manufacturer


11. Sorrento Rimless Open Back Toilet

Sorrento Rimless Open Back Toilet

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Ceramic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 175 kg

Constructed with high-grade ceramic, the Sorrento Rimless Open Back Toilet is strong and long-lasting. Plus, its CE authenticated. So, you can invest in this unit without thinking about its quality and safety. Due to rimless bowl, the flush cleans the entire area and keeps your toilet hygienic. Its soft closing seat gives you a noiseless private time and also keeps the bowl free from daily attrition.

The unit has a dual flush cistern that allows you to flush in two different capacities; 3 and 4.5 litres. Sorrento toilet has an open back, which facilitates easy and quick installation. It has a sleek and elegant appearance that’s suitable for almost all the bathrooms. Moreover, a white gloss finish adds more style to your bathing area.

The open back toilet comes with a warranty of 15 years, which gives you some peace of mind in case it has any manufacturing defect. However, you need to contact the manufacturers within 24 hours if you notice any damage.

Reasons to buy

  • Long-lasting and easy to maintain
  • Rimless bowl for better hygiene
  • Dual flush cistern
  • Conserves water and reduces utility bills


12. Sorrento Bathrooms Tornado Back to Wall Toilet

Sorrento Bathrooms Tornado Back to Wall Toilet

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Ceramic
  • Maximum weight capacity: 180 kg

Sorrento Tornado is a modern close coupled toilet that comes with a soft closing seat. Made of high-quality ceramic, the back to wall bathroom fixture has a white appearance that suits modern bathrooms. Apart from that, its CE authenticated. The toilet pan includes a cistern, which means you can easily use this unit for a small washroom. Its soft closing seat is noiseless and scratch-resistant.

Plus, the toilet seat fixings never make any impact on its bowl. Tornado comes with a dual flush mechanism that allows you to use either 3 or 4.5 litres of water. Both the flush buttons are finished with chrome. The warranty on this product is 15 years. It includes toilet seat fittings homebase, floor fixing kit, and seat hinges. So, the installation will not be a tough task.

Keep in mind that the manufacturers will not take responsibility for the shipping charges in case this toilet is not compatible with plumbing work. So, it’s recommended that you consult a professional plumber before ordering this unit.

Reasons to buy

  • Modern and stylish appearance
  • Scratch-resistant soft close seat
  • Available at a reasonable price tag


13. R FLORY Bidet Intelligent Toilet Seat

R FLORY Bidet Toilet Seat

Key Specification

  • Built materials: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 kg

If you want a comfortable time in the bathroom, then R Flory Bidet Toilet Seat FDB300 might be a solid investment. Constructed with durable ABS, FDB300 can be at your assistance for a lifetime. It has an impressive ability to change the water after every 96 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about water quality. R Flory FDB300 is easy to install.

You can configure the seat with an existing toilet pan within 30 minutes. It is already tested for 500, 000 times to provide you uninterrupted services. There is a warranty of 2 years on this product. Plus, the brand is reputable to provide quick and effective after-sales service. Intelligent FDB300 has a seat heater, water temperature adjustments, and an air dryer.

The fixture is one of the safest toilet seat fittings because it power cuts off automatically in case of electricity leakage. Moreover, this model comes with a self-cleaning nozzle. The nozzle cleans itself with warm water after every usage, which maintains the hygiene level of your bathroom.

Reasons to buy

  • Stylish and long-lasting product
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Seat heater to keep you comfortable


Buying Guide

While looking for the best ideal standard toilet seat fittings, there are few things you need to consider. Let’s discuss them in this section.

• Measurements: The toilet pans and seats differ in size. So, it’s best to measure your bathroom and then find a pan accordingly. It should fit the space perfectly while leaving some legroom when you are using the unit. In other words, you need to check the measurements of the toilet and make sure your bathroom can accommodate it.

Similarly, different toilet seat fittings are available. But, their size and dimension differ. Choose something that can fit the existing toilet pan.

• Shape and height: Toilet bowls are available in different shapes including oval, round and square. Round bowls are generally space saviours when compared to the oval models. However, elongated or oval fixtures are more comfortable. So, choose according to the available space.

Apart from that shape, you also need to consider the height of a toilet pan. Select something that puts less stress on your knees and thighs while usage. Comfort height pans are perfect for senior citizens and people dealing with a backache.

• Flushing system: Always look for a toilet seat with a dual flushing mechanism that can save some water. The volume of water released by a flushing system varies according to the make and model. But, the common numbers are 3 and 6 litres or 3 and 4.5 litres. Choose which one works better according to your requirements.

• Soft-close seat: When we talk about the plastic toilet seat fittings, choose something that has a soft-close mechanism. The quite close system not only saves the bowl from unnecessary slamming but also reduces the noise level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy fittings to fit a toilet seat?

You can purchase toilet seat fittings from a nearby bathroom supply store. If you don’t want to step outside, then Amazon is another suitable shop available online.

How to tighten toilet seat with concealed fittings?

Take out the lid by pressing the quick-release button. Then, lift off the two shiny bolts with your finger or screwdriver. Use a screwdriver to turn the bolts clockwise one by one. Do not overtighten the bolts. Put the seat back on.

What screws and fittings do you need to fix a toilet seat?

The screws required to fix a toilet seat are generally included with it. You only need an adjustable wrench and flathead screwdriver to finish the replacement toilet seat fittings.

How to fit a toilet seat with plastic fittings?

Remove the existing plastic bolts using a screwdriver. For that, you need to untighten screws inside the two hinges of the existing seat cover. On the underside of the plastic bolt, there will be a nut that fits into the screws. You need to take out these nuts as well.

So, the best way is to hold the nut with one hand and untighten the screws clockwise. Follow the same process on both the hinges. Clean the toilet seat. Unpack the new toilet and check for all the hardware. There should be a couple of plastic bolts with nuts.

As you can understand, these bolts will screw into the nuts. Now, you need to pass one bolt through the designated hole on the toilet seat and tighten it with the nut. Repeat the same process on the other hole. Use screwdrivers to tighten both the screws.

Attach the seat to the bolts. Point both its hinges to the bolts, push them down so that the seat can be properly attached to the plastic bolts.

How to remove toilet seat fittings?

A toilet seat stays in its place with the help of two metal or plastic screws and hardware. So, you need to unscrew both the nuts and bolts one by one. Corroded or rusted bolts will be difficult to remove. So, use a socket wrench to unscrew these nuts if you cannot do it by hand.

How do I know which toilet seat will fit my toilet?

You can find one of the best toilet seat fixings after taking measurements of the existing fixture. So, you need to measure three dimensions.

  • The distance between the two bolts. We are talking about the bolts that attach a toilet seat with the bowl.
  • Measure the width of your existing bowl at its widest. Keep the measuring tape outside for exact measurements.
  • Apart from that, you need to measure the length of the existing bowl. So, place the measuring tape between the seat bolts and outside edge of the front. Finding a toilet seat will be easy if you have all these measurements.

How do I stop my toilet seat from moving sideways?

You simply need to tighten the toilet seat nuts. Use your hands and then an adjustable plier. Do not use the pliers if the nuts are made of plastic. A tighten nut will keep the washer in place. Hence, the bolts will be secured and the seat will never slip from its place.

Which is better round or elongated toilet?

An elongated toilet is highly comfortable but occupies more space. Well, we are not saying that round shaped models are uncomfortable. But, elongated ones are better.

Round fixtures take less space when compared to elongated models. So, the former is perfect for small bathrooms because of their compact footprints. Oval fixtures are great if you own a medium or big washroom.


After knowing about some of the best toilet pans and toilet seat fixings, you can easily find something that can suit all your requirements. It’s easy to find something suitable for your home improvement project if you already know the best options. Check the buying guide in case you face any confusion.


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